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eZine Creation and Distribution

eZine - Electronic-magaZINE

An Ezine is a periodic publication distributed by email or posted on a web site.

Save the expense of printing a monthly or quarterly newsletter by sending out an eZine.

eZines are Internet newsletters that are distributable by e-mail or can be viewed or downloaded from your web site.  Using your web site layout and colors, your eZine is created to brand your business.

You must have a web site host and ftp capabilities to store your images on.  The images in an eCard can be rather large and causes a larger file size if embedded.   Coding is used to pull the images from your site and works in the same way that a web site views images from your server.

If you have a template site, do not have access to your server space, or simply don't want to give out your information for security reasons; we offer hosting of your images on our servers for a nominal fee.







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