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September 27 , 2004


Here are some valuable thoughts from one of our newest CyberStars®, Judy Luna, Keller Williams, Fayetteville, AR (see her Spanish language site. She sells real estate in a relatively small but growing market in northwest Arkansas and had this to say on her CyberStar® application:

“The conventional wisdom in real estate is that one must have listings to attract buyers. However, as an agent who prefers working with buyers, I have explored alternative means of attracting buyers. I got my first Web site four years ago when even many companies in my area did not have Web sites. Cost and available resources at that time dictated that my best alternative was a template website from, but I didn't want a site that looked like every other real estate site. I customized it extensively, writing many pages of information about NW Arkansas, the process of purchasing a home, etc., to provide information for buyers who might want to relocate to the area. Having relocated to the area myself 11 years ago, I knew that my site should the kind of information I would have liked to have when I relocated to NW Arkansas. The result is that for about the past year and a half my site has come up #1 in search engine results for "Fayetteville Arkansas Real Estate" and "NW Arkansas Real Estate." Because of my site, I have a regular source of buyers and do about 60-70% of my business from my site. The rest is from referrals. I have considered a custom website, but my philosophy is ‘if it ain't broke, don't fix it,’ so I keep adding additional material to my current site. This keeps significant numbers of visitors coming to my site and staying there.

“Working as a buyer agent is considered by many to be very time consuming and not worth the agent's time. However, with my IDX site and email, in addition to my main site, I have refined the process and increased my efficiency. Buyers now choose which properties they wish to view (in the past they were at the mercy of what their agents wished to show them), and before they even get into the car, they have an idea of what is available at what price because of the information my sites provide.”

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I love my Treo 600 pda, an all-in-one unit that contains my entire Outlook database, phone, email, camera, Web connection and more. I have had it for a while now and find it indispensable. Just when I thought I was at the pinnacle of technology, one of my CyberStars® lets me know I’m not! CyberStar® Rob Levy of Prudential Northwest Properties, Portland, OR sent in the following about the 600’s successor:

“I was about to buy my new Treo 600 from Verizon (it was a 3 week wait), and I thought I would type ‘new Treo phone’ into Google to see if there is a replacement coming soon.

There is! It will be released at the end of October and is said to include a brighter screen, a higher resolution camera (1.2mpx) and dedicated send /end buttons. It will even have Bluetooth connectivity. You can find out more about it at

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One of the most beautiful and effective site designs I’ve seen is that of one of our new CyberStars®, Harriet Murray of Cochran Real Estate, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I urge you to take a moment to visit her site. Should you do so, you will see a site that is geared totally toward the consumer and which displays its information in a very pleasing format. While there, note the numerous articles she has included.

One of the weakest areas I see on agent sites is the way listings are displayed. Harriet and her designer run counter to this trend, as you will see if you check out her listings. Very, very well done!

If your site can use a complete analysis and evaluation so that it makes you more money, see the following information about my Web site analysis and evaluation service.


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So many agents have personal Web sites, either custom or template: so few of them make money from those sites. If this is your situation, you need my personal Web site evaluation service. Hundreds of agents nationwide have taken advantage of this outstanding service. You, too, can work with me so that your site starts making you serious money.

For only $375, you receive:

  • An in-depth questionnaire which forms the basis of my in-depth site analysis.
  • Several hours of my time as I look at EVERY aspect of your site.
  • An in-depth written evaluation of your current site which features page-by-page suggestions for improvement.
  • A specific Action Plan showing you just what you need to do in order to make your site a money maker.

For only $375 you can find out what it takes to have YOUR site earn you big money....just as my CyberStars® do!

As Kathy Bell-Mathy of Harbor Bay Realty, Alameda, CA, said: “Thank you so much for your thorough evaluation. This was money well spent!”

Details and a sign-up form can be found at

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This week’s CyberStar ® tip comes from Allen F. Hainge CyberStar ® Mike Manosky of RE/MAX Huntsville, Huntsville , AL

“Virtual tours are the key to working with out-of-town buyers. Many times over the years I have had that out of town buyer who was here for three days and we just could not find the right house. The virtual tour is key to a sale when that right house hits the market. That house can be sold in a day if the out-of-town buyer does not move quickly.

“With the seller’s permission, we photograph the home and use to have the tour up the same day. Many times, the client buys the home sight unseen just from the Virtual Tour. Other times the buyer arranges to fly in to town the next day. They view the home, approve, purchase, and fly home before dinner that night. Both options end up with happy clients and a sale for you.”

(NOTE: If you decide to order Visual, the #1 money-making software of the CyberStars®, you will receive a special offer if you mention Allen Hainge or the CyberStars®. Go to to learn more about the product and to get your special offer.)

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Allen F. Hainge, CRS, has conducted seminars for local and state associations,
companies and franchises in 43 states, and he has been a featured technology speaker
at 12 National Association of REALTOR(R) Conventions.

For information about having Allen speak for your group,
email Kim Hughes, Director of Operations at or call 903-569-6763 .

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