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Pricing Comparison Spreadsheet

In-house assistant versus Virtual Assistant - Save thousands of dollars per year!

Virtual Assistant hourly rates vary by each VA, and are factored on their specialty and their experience.  More experienced VAs spend much less time on a project but have a higher hourly rate.  Less experienced VAs may have a lower hourly rate but if they lack the experience, the additional hours spent conquering learning curves is often transferred on to you.

Partnering with a highly experienced VA can save you time and money over hiring an in-house assistant

Take a look below.

The scenario is a small to mid-size business needing administrative and marketing assistance.  Hiring an employee incurs several thousands additional dollars on top of just their base salary. This comparison shows actual costs incurred when hiring an employee compared to hiring a VA for weekly services.


pricing comparison spreadsheet - virtual assistant versus in-house assistant

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