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Search Engine Optimization - SEO

Need to improve your search engine placement on the major search engines to increase sales and visibility?

Here's what you get:

  • Search Engine Ranking reports - this will show you where your site ranks for selected keywords and phrases. 
  • Keyword Analysis/Suggestions - if we see that your site would benefit from adding additional keywords or phrases, we will provide you a list to consider for inclusion.
  • Optimization Report - This detailed report provides *ethical* suggestions on how to enhance your web site and make it rank higher in the search engines. has the solution to fit your budget and to meet the goals of your on-line marketing initiative.

Our search engine services are solutions for companies that view their Web sites as primary tools in their marketing efforts.

We provide a custom report that will be delivered to you. After you've reviewed the report, we'll schedule a call to go over the questions that you have. The report and consulting call are all included for only $399.



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