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Virtual Assistant Coach

Before starting her practice in 1997, Anna Baron worked for over 10 years supporting executive level professionals, partners and board members with a heavy concentration in sales and marketing and office management.

Anna Baron has been a Virtual Assistant for over 8 years, starting her practice in 1997. Anna first became an IVAA Certified Virtual Assistant in 2001. As an IVAA CVA, you have been certified as a highly skilled and ethical Virtual Assistant through IVAA, the most respected Virtual Assistant organization in the industry.

Anna is also certified has also held the certification of a Certified Real Estate Assistant (CREA) , Certified Real Estate Support Specialist (CRESS) and is highly recommended by Allen Hainge of AFHseminars (CyberStars) as a preferred Virtual Assistant.

In addition, Virtual Assistant Anna Baron is active in other Virtual Assistant mentoring related programs.


As a successful Virtual Assistant for over 15 years now, I have gathered resources, links and information that have helped me on my way and I am happy to share this information with you.

You can visit my store where you will find various ebooks, including our 20 Forms for Your Business package that includes forms and files that you can customize to suit your own business needs.


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