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Virtual Assistant

Certified Virtual Assistant


With the advent of new technologies and methods of doing business, Virtual Assistants are fast becoming a 'must have' for the busy entrepreneur, small business owner and person on the run.

Virtual Assistants are the solution to your outsourcing needs. Virtual Assistants save you time and money! Small business owner? Entrepreneur? Imagine having a Virtual Assistant at your service. A Virtual Assistant can assist you with all of your administrative and marketing duties

Whether it's correspondence, desktop publishing, web site design, presentations, business proposals or routine administrative tasks, Virtual Assistants help you to reduce expenses and favorably impact your bottom line.

These services are backed by a combination of skills, ethics and professionalism. As a Virtual Assistant, I have extensive experience assisting business owners and executive level professionals in different industries with diverse business needs.

Contact me to discuss how a Virtual Assistant can help with a one-time project or explore options for on-going administrative support.


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